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Lt. Colonel Damaris Agnetta, a military officer from Kenya, is a member of the Kenya Defence Forces’ Kenya Army division (KDF). Lt Col Agnetta was selected on October 4th, 2022 to succeed Col. Fabian Lengusuranga as President William Ruto’s aide-de-camp. Both of them succeeded Timothy Lekolol, the previous ADC, and Rachael Nduta, the deputy ADC.

Rachael Nduta was selected by former president Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018 to be the first female ADC. Rachael Nduta was subsequently promoted to full Colonel and moved to the Department of Defense (DoD).

Damaris Agnetta has held this role ever since she received a rank in the artillery of the Kenyan Army in 2003. Former ADC Timothy Lekolol Stelu was elevated from Colonel to Brigadier.

Lt. Col. Damaris Agnetta Profile as a service woman

In 2003, Agnetta received a degree and was appointed a commission. As a very seasoned and disciplined military officer, she has advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Damaris Agnetta needs four more grades to become a general (Colonel, Brigadier, Lieutenant General, Major General). The general, who is the highest ranking member of the Kenyan army, is in charge of the KDF.

There can only ever be one general at a time. The current chief of staff of the military is Robert Kabochi. To be an ADC, a person must be a Lieutenant Colonel, Full Colonel, or above. The second female ADC deputy is chosen, and her name is Agnetta.

The work of Aide-de-Camp

A senior military officer with extensive training known as an ADC is obliged to travel with the president at all times. As a VVIP aide to the head of state, the majority of his duties are ceremonial.

“A highly trained senior military officer known as an ADC is obliged to always be on the president’s schedule.” a  spokesperson for the KDF, Colonel Esther Wanjiku.

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